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Preparing for the SoCal Summer Heat: Service, Repair, or Replace Your Old Air Conditioning System

By: First Choice Air on June 10, 2018

It won't be long until SoCal is scorching, which is why now is the right time to service, repair or replace your air conditioning system. Here's a look at four reasons to service your air conditioning system in Ventura and Los Angeles now.

4 Reasons to Have an Air Conditioning System Serviced in SoCal
  1. Preventative Service on Your AC in SoCal Can Save You Time and Suffering in the Heat
    First Choice Air does offer 24-hour emergency service, but as the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. So, schedule an air conditioning system tune up now, before the heat really hits.

  2. Get Ready to Save on Utility Bills in SoCal this Summer
    Having your air conditioning system in Los Angeles serviced ahead of the hot season can ensure efficiency. Simple measures, and inexpensive repairs now, can save you a lot of money in utility bills, once you have the A/C running around the clock.

  3. Reduce Indoor Air Pollutants
    With the hotter weather on the horizon, flowers, trees, shrubs and other pollen producing foliage will be blooming in full force. If your air conditioning system isn't clean, you're liable to suck a lot of those allergens into your home. This is particularly true in the San Fernando Valley. By scheduling air conditioning service now, you'll be able to keep the indoor air in your Los Angeles or Ventura County home much cleaner.

  4. Small Repairs Now, Can Prevent Costly Repairs Later
    First Choice Air's licensed technicians are experts in fixing air conditioners at the first sign of damage, which often prevents small cracks from turning into a major repair problem. We are here to inspect your air conditioning system, and identify any potential problems, so that the life of your unit is extended.
4 Signs You Need to Have Your Air Conditioning System Repaired or Replaced in SoCal
When you first turn on your air conditioning system in Los Angeles or Ventura, be sure to pay attention to sounds, smells, and cooling capabilities. Signs that you need to have your air conditioning system repaired or replaced include:
  1. The Air Conditioning System is Cooling Some Rooms, But Not Others
    If the air conditioning system in your SoCal home is keeping some rooms cool, but not others, it may simply be a matter of recalibrating your thermostat or replacing your thermostat. Our expert Los Angeles HVAC technicians at First Choice Air can quickly diagnose the problem, and either recalibrate your thermostat, replace your thermostat or replace your air conditioning system.

  2. Your SoCal Air Conditioning System is Blowing Stale Air
    In a lot of cases, stale air may result from frozen evaporator coils. In other cases, filters may need to be changed. There are a lot of inexpensive repairs that may be possible, if your air conditioning system is blowing stale air. Contact our team of top-rated air conditioning technicians at First Choice Air to schedule an inspection.

  3. Your Air Conditioning System is Noisy
    You know what your air conditioning system should sound like. Any aberration from the normal hum of the unit indicates a problem. Many times, these are small repairs, such as having a belt replaced, or tightening a loose part of the unit. If you notice any squealing or rattling, it's smart to call in a licensed, insured Los Angeles air conditioning technician, to inspect, diagnose, and provide repairs or solutions.

  4. Your Air Conditioning System Smells Strange
    If you notice a strange smell when you turn on your air conditioning system in Los Angeles, you need to contact an expert air conditioning technician. Smells coming from your system are often indicative that there is a drainage problem, and you may have acquired mold, bacteria, or mildew buildup. Contact an experienced, reputable Los Angeles area HVAC repair company to come inspect your system and offer solutions.
Before the weather gets too hot here in SoCal, save yourself time and hassle later by having your air conditioning system serviced today. Our top-reviewed air conditioning repair techs at First Choice Air in Los Angeles, will provide fast, friendly, and reliable service, to ensure you can enjoy a comfortable summer.

As a top-rated HVAC sales, repair and service company in Los Angeles, First Choice Air is a full-service heating and cooling systems dealer, specializing in sales, installation, repairs and service. We are EPA certified, and approved by California League of Homeowners. Contact us today to schedule an air conditioning service throughout Los Angeles. We can be reached at 800.991.9247 or 818.781.4227.