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Do I Need a Fall Furnace Tune Up?

By: First Choice Air on November 10, 2019

With summer officially in the history books, it's only a matter of time before the sun begins setting earlier, and the temperatures begin to drop in Los Angeles and Ventura County. This makes it the perfect time to prepare for the winter, by ensuring that your heating/furnace (HVAC) system is functioning properly and ready to keep you warm this winter. 
But if you find yourself wondering:  Do I really need a furnace inspection?  You're in good company. 
Many people wonder if this type of furnace "checkup" is really necessary, and we're here to tell you, that much like you may not feel the need to go to the dentist every six months, or to have an annual physical from your physician, it's still a very good idea.
The reason?  Identifying small problems before they become big problems, or pose a safety risk, is always in your best interest.  After all, you're talking about the health and maintenance of your home - where you and your family spends most of your time, not to mention where you sleep.

To that end, our team of licensed, certified, award-winning technicians at First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning in Los Angeles, recommends that you schedule a fall furnace or heat pump tune to confirm that:  
  • All components are clean
  • Filters are clean or changed
  • Thermostat is working properly
  • All connections are secure
  • Venting systems are working properly
  • Equipment is free of rust, soot, leaks
  • No electrical contacts or wires are corroded or frayed
  • Compressor and motors are working properly
Having a regular furnace check up each year before the cold weather hits can also benefit your wallet. Restricted airflow caused by malfunction of your heating system can result in decreased efficiency, and larger utility bills.  
As an added bonus, a regular home heating (HVAC) system tune-up can also help you to feel good, knowing that you're doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint, by using as little energy as possible, and by maximizing the life of your home heating system.  
In some cases, regular tune ups may also help protect your warranty.  
Finally, a tune up can help identify any safety hazards, to safeguard you and your family.  
There's no better time than the fall to schedule a furnace or heating system tune up. Or, if you're ready to purchase a new heating HVAC system for your home, First Choice Heating & Air Conditioning is also here to help. We carry and service all major HVAC brands including Lennox, Honeywell, Trane, American Standard, Rheem, GE and more.   
First Choice Air provides certified heating/furnace services provided by our in-house team of experts.  e do not subcontract out work to others.  All of our contractors are covered by our comprehensive liability and workers compensation coverage.  
We have been serving Los Angeles and Ventura County for 25 years, as a locally owned and operated business.  e are proud to be EPA Certified, and approved by the California League of Homeowners.  
To schedule a fall furnace/heating or comlete HVAC system tune-up in Los Angles, Ventura or the San Fernando Valley, contact our top-rated, locally owned team of HVAC experts at First Choice Air by calling 800-991-9247