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A Furnace Tune-up in Southern California: Do I Really Need One?

By: First Choice Air on December 4, 2016

Furnace manufacturers recommend an annual inspection by a professional, also known as a tune-up. This type of service can vary greatly depending on the company and the extent of services they provide. Some interchangeable terms you may hear for a tune-up are: certification, check-up, annual maintenance and safety check. It's important to ask your local Southern California heating and cooling company exactly what they are going to do to your furnace during the inspection. Knowing what you're getting from the start will save you time, and ultimately money, both before and during the process.

"What happens during a furnace tune-up?"

Here are a few things that manufacturers recommend be performed by an HVAC professional:
  • Wiring checked for damage
  • An amp-draw test on blower motor
  • Drainage inspected for blockage/leakage
  • Burners checked for ignition and flame
  • Heat exchanger inspected for rust and/or corrosion
  • Vent system checked for drainage/leakage
  • Filters checked
"If my furnace has a warranty, can I skip the tune-up?"

Although a tune-up may not be required to keep the warranty valid, most manufacturers strongly recommend an annual inspection by a heating repair specialist. In fact, damage due to improperly maintaining the unit usually isn't covered by the warranty.

"Is the tune-up worth the money?"

Yes! Don't forget, it's not just about safety, although that's reason enough. It's also about preventative maintenance, catching something going/about to go wrong before it becomes a serious problem.

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