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First Choice Air offers the most aggressive low-price specials on heaters, furnaces and air conditioners. We offer air conditioner sales specials and furnace sales specials on a regular basis to allow our customers to enjoy a comfortable home or office with the lowest possible investment. We're specialists in arranging financing on air conditioners and furnaces. Many of our customers choose to finance air conditioners and furnaces allowing them to have a comfortable living environment sooner. Discounts and specials still apply when financing your heater or air conditioner too! Give us a call to discuss available options to finance air conditioning and heating for your home or office.

First Choice Air also assists customers in taking advantage of heater discounts and air conditioner discounts available through our quality manufacturers, utility companies, state and federal discounts where available. Ask us about opportunities to save on air conditioners or heaters and furnaces. In addition to great discounts, we offer the lowest pricing possible day to day on heating and air conditioning. Low-priced air conditioner service & furnace service specials

Low-priced air conditioner service & furnace service specials

Need discount air conditioner service or discount heater service. We regularly offer air conditioning service specials, and also offer furnace service specials. We provide skilled repair and service for heaters and air conditioners by trained and certified technicians FOR ALL MAJOR BRANDS. See our service special below.

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Too often, attic ventilation is overlooked, not to mention ignored as a place for energy savings. That's where attic ventilation solutions make sense. Consider this: air trapped in your attic can easily reach 150˚ or more. Left untreated, that heat finds its way into your home, increasing the load on your air conditioner.


For over twenty-five years First Choice Air has been providing quality insulation products and services to assure efficiency in your heating and air condition. Quality insulation can save on energy consumption, lower your utility bills, and assure more consistent control over the temperature in your home or business.



Take advantage of great savings opportunities to dramatically reduce your current electricity bill, and entirely eliminate your future bills. Solar energy is a smart, green and clean source of electricity for your home or business. Few investments in your home have the ability to surpass a simple return on investment and go beyond to provide long-term financial benefits. It's a great time to invest in solar energy for your home.




Mold thrives in moist, cool conditions, such as an air conditioner's cooling coil. Bacteria can thrive in a variety of conditions and, like mold, can be easily spread throughout your home by the heating and cooling system.



Home Temperature Zoning is simply the process of dividing your home into different zones, or areas, and then heating or cooling them as needed. It's the ideal way to eliminate hot and cold spots. Plus, zoning systems save energy by heating and cooling only the areas of your home that you're using.